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Piano Accessories

We Offer Piano Accessories For Your Piano

We offer a variety of accessories for your piano.  Many of these accessories we actually carry on our moving truck for your convenience.  Below are some of the piano accessories we offer to our customers.

Piano Benches

Adjustable Artist Benches for easy height adjustment.    These are available in both standard and duet size options.

Standard hardtop and padded benches with a wide variety of leg styles and finish choices.

Used piano benches are also available.

Hardwood Caster Cups

We offer a wide selection of beautiful yet functional caster cups to protect your floors and enhance the beauty of your piano.   Our hardwood caster cups are made from either maple or oak, two of the hardest woods known to man.  Unlike cheaper imported imitations which will often crack under the weight of your piano, these Made in America caster cups are the best way to protect your beautiful floors.

Caster cups are available in many finish choices including both satin and high gloss finishes.

Caster cups are available in a variety of sizes to compliment both the style and size of your piano.

Piano Polish & Cleaners

We offer the complete line of Cory piano finish cleaners and polish for both satin and high gloss piano finishes.   Cory is recognized as the leading manufacturer of finish products for fine pianos.   

Grand Piano Trucks & Dollies

Grand piano trucks and dollies allow for safely moving your grand piano with more ease and less risk of damage or personal injury.   We offer both grand trucks and grand leg dollies for all sizes of grand pianos.   Upright dollies are also available for your upright piano.

Humidity Control Products

We offer the complete line of Damp-Chaser Piano Life Saver products for your piano.   Humidity control is an essential element in maintaining both your pianos consistent touch and a stable tuning.   Maintaining a constant level of humidity with little fluctuation will help preserve your instrument and provide you with a more consistently in tune piano.

Please call or email today to discuss humidity control or any of the other piano related accessories we offer our customers.

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