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Piano Moving

With over 30 years of piano moving experience we have moved thousands of pianos.


Here are just some of the reasons piano owners have trusted us with their piano moving needs:

  • We employ skilled piano moving professionals who are properly trained with the latest equipment. Our owner who is a piano tuner/technician is present on each move. You can trust your piano to us!

  • Our estimate is always specific to your special circumstances and will involve no hidden fees.

  • Our company always ensures that there will be at least two well-trained crew members who are more than able to execute the piano move.

  • We will arrange and coordinate the whole piano moving process and keep you informed the entire time.

  • Our piano moving equipment, trucks, and accessories are always checked to ensure that they are in proper working order prior to each piano move.

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Piano Pros DFW Moving Truck



                           The Piano Moving Professionals

Did You Know ?

The Piano Moving Professionals

Pencils, paperclips, toys and other small objects that have fallen inside the piano can shift during moving and interfere with the piano's mechanical action thus affecting the playability of the piano. With a piano technician present on each move - we can take care of that issue for you.

Would the "other movers" you might have called be able to do this?

PianoProsDFW knows how to move your piano safely and address the issues that might come up unexpectedly during the piano move.


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