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Piano Storage

Short-term and Long-term storage options available.

Whether you need your piano out of the house to install new floors or you need it stored for several months, we have you covered. 


We take the same care in properly storing your piano as we do moving it. You can take comfort in knowing that your piano will come back to you in the same condition in which it left.

Our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse offers the protection and comfort for one of your most beloved possessions. We know that it is hard for you to see your piano leave it’s home, but it will be treated with just as much love as it gets at home.

All of the pianos in our facility are blanket wrapped and placed on padded piano boards. The piano boards are elevated off the floor to allow even more air circulation around the piano.  If you are looking for a “Home away from home” for your piano, PIANO PROS is the right storage solution.

Piano Storage

The Piano Moving Professionals


Did You Know ?

Proper piano storage requires both temperature and humidity control.    The more controlled these two conditions are, the less issues you will have with your piano.   Even when not in storage, large shifts in the humidity level can effect both tuning and the wooden parts of your piano.   We recommend every piano be equipped with a Damp-Chaser humidity control system whether located in a home, church or school.

Would the "other movers" you might have called known this?

PianoProsDFW can install a humidity control system on your piano at any time and it is often easiest when the piano is being moved or stored.  We have the knowledge you would expect from the professionals you hire.

The Piano Moving Professionals

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