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Piano Cleaning

We Offer Piano Cleaning for the Interior and Exterior of Your Piano

Pianos just seem to collect dust and due to their size, are not the easiest piece of furniture to access for cleaning.   Often the only opportunity for cleaning the back of an upright is when the movers pull it away from the wall.  We can clean or at minimum blow out the dust that has collected over the years.  On an upright piano this is easily accomplished while the piano is being moved on the moving dolly outside.    A grand piano is a bit more complicated to clean but this too is a service we can provide.

Pianos which have been subjected to extreme conditions such as construction dust, smoke, or other circumstances out of the ordinary are typically best cleaned at our facility in Arlington.  We have many years of experience cleaning smoke damaged, water damaged, and extremely dusty instruments.   We routinely bring pianos which need cleaning after a fire or construction and demolition work into our facility for storage.  This is an excellent time to also clean the piano thoroughly.

Please contact us to discuss various options for cleaning your upright or grand piano.

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