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Piano Disposal

We Offer Piano and Organ Disposal Services

There comes a time when you may no longer need or want your piano or organ and have found that selling it just is not a possibility.  Perhaps you are moving and just do not have time to list and sell the instrument or you are moving into a new home and find the previous residents decided to leave a heavy piano behind.  Whatever the reason, when you need a piano removed and disposed of, we can assist you.

Moving a piano, even an unwanted one, must be done correctly to prevent damage to your homes walls and flooring.   Considerable damage can be done to flooring when amateur movers attempt to move something this large and heavy.  Make certain your floors remain in excellent condition and only hire professional piano movers to remove the instrument.

You may wonder what we do with your instrument when you hire us to remove or dispose of it.   Depending on the age and condition of the piano or organ we will either dispose of it or attempt to re-home it with a needy recipient. 

If you have a grand or upright piano or an organ which you need gone, contact us today to discuss piano removal and disposal.

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