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Why Hire Professional Piano Movers?

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

What to Do?

Moving, whether across down the street or across the country can be a very daunting task. Things to coordinate, things to sell, valuable items to box and load. If you are a piano owner, chances are you will be quite worried about ensuring it is safely moved from your home and transported without any damages.

Because a piano is a large yet delicate item, there is always the possibility of it getting harmed in the process of moving. To ensure it reaches your destination in perfect condition, it is always a good idea to hire piano moving professionals to move it instead of trying to handle it yourself.

Worth the Cost

Chances are you have probably invested a lot of money and time in your instrument from when you first purchased it up until the time you need to transport it. Years of time and considerable money has been spent maintaining it and keeping it in pristine condition – so why let it go to waste now? Hiring a professional piano moving company may seem like a more costly choice to make but given the possibility of you damaging the instruments legs, pedals, keys, or strings during transport, it is worth spending a little extra instead.

Avoid Injury to Yourself

Moving a large item such as a piano is not an easy task. It is impossible for you to do it alone and even with the help of other people, it is quite possible that you could end up not only damaging it, but also hurting yourself in the process. Lifting something this heavy could also end up with you hurting your back or pulling muscles in the process. And let's not even mention the pain of a piano falling on you! If you are moving the instrument from a place where there are stairs or even just a few steps involved, there are chances you may drop it and hurt both the instrument, and yourself, as well.

Proper Piano Moving Vehicle and Equipment

By hiring a team of professional piano movers, your mind can be at ease knowing that you don’t have to worry about arranging a mode of transport and having the proper equipment to move your instrument. Piano movers are well experienced with handling instruments of all different shapes, sizes and weights and know how to properly use the correct moving equipment to ensure your piano is not damaged during a move. They also have the proper trucks required that can easily fit the instrument and transport it to its required destination. Our trucks are equipped with heavy duty lift-gates to handle the weight of an instrument while keeping it safe.

The Sensible Choice

A piano moving company such as Piano Pros DFW is your best bet when it comes to transporting your keyboard instrument. Not only does our team know how to protect your piano, but we also ensure no damage comes to surrounding walls and structures while moving it in or out of your home. Save yourself the time, hassle, and damage/repair costs of moving it by yourself and hire professionals instead who can make this a seamless process for you!

Piano Movers
Our Team Placing Caster Cups for Floor Protection

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