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Piano Repair

We Offer Various Repair Services For Your Piano

Our company owner has been a piano tuner / technician for 40 years as well as owning two piano dealerships in the state of Texas for the past 30 years.   While we no longer perform major repair or rebuilding services as we have in the past, we do still offer several repair services in conjunction with our piano moving service.


We can assist you with minor finish touch up and repair.   If you are needing more extensive finish repair or refinishing, we can provide recommendations for the best professionals in the industry.


We provide chipped key repair for ivory or plastic keytops.   If you have a beautiful ivory keyboard you wish to preserve, we offer chipped key repair services to eliminate those unsightly chipped keys.


This is a service we can often provide while moving your piano.   With a piano tuner / technician present on very piano move, we can often take care of these small repairs and adjustments.


We can assist you in replacing broken or missing casters.  We also offer both sales and installation service for grand piano trucks and leg dollies.


We offer both sales and installation of various Damp-Chaser Piano Life Saver humidity control systems.   These systems will help your piano maintain a more consistent touch and stable tuning.

Contact us today to discuss any piano repair issues you may have.   If we can't provide the service, we can recommend the best professionals in our area to do them for you.

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