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Moving Your Piano Out of State

Updated: May 3

Moving Your Piano Out of State

Do you have a piano you need to move out of state? While we move pianos in the Dallas and Ft. Worth Metroplex and beyond, some piano moves are of such great distance it becomes very expensive to travel that long of a distance. If your piano needs to be moved to Oklahoma or Louisiana, then a door-to-door move still makes sense. However, if you need to ship your piano to Florida, New York, or California there is still hope without totally breaking the bank.

Keyboard Carriage Piano Transport

Keyboard Carriage is a national transport company that transports all new pianos to piano dealerships across the nation. While Keyboard Carriage will never show up with their large semi-truck at a home to pick up or deliver a piano, they do regularly visit local piano dealerships and piano movers commercial locations such as ours at Piano Pros DFW. Keyboard Carriage, just like Piano Pros DFW, are experts at moving pianos. So when you need your piano moved a long distance, here is how we accomplish that for you and your piano.

Moving the Piano from your home

Your Piano in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area is picked up by piano movers such as Piano Pros DFW and brought back to our offices and storage facility. Once here, Keyboard Carriage will then be scheduled and routed to our facility to pick up your piano. Your piano will make its way to Elizabethtown, KY where Keyboard Carriage is headquartered. Soon it will be routed from there to a piano dealership or piano mover near your new out-of-state home.

Moving the Piano to your new home

Once your piano is delivered to a piano dealership or piano moving company in your new city of residence, they will prepare your piano for the move to your new home.

Yes, this process of moving your piano does take a while, (typically 4-6 weeks) however the savings can be significant compared to a direct door-to-door move out of state. If you need a piano moved out of state, contact us to learn more about our piano moving partnership with Keyboard Carriage.

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