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Piano Movers In Dallas Know The Importance of Tuning

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Pianos can produce some of the most beautiful and melodic music in the world. However, one that is out of tune can produce some of the worst sounding noise in the world! Both performers and listeners can agree that nothing is more pleasing than an in-tune instrument. When you have your grand or upright moved you are much more likely to be aware of tuning issues, and here are some of the reasons:

Your Instrument Is Moved

Your instrument is in a new home and in new surroundings. The acoustical environment of your new home can alter the way you perceive its tone. Hard surfaced flooring and room size can make it seem much louder and brighter than when it is placed on carpeting or in a much larger space. While the actual tuning or tension on the strings may not have changed, the sound we hear has a different timbre. These different timbres are actually accentuating certain overtones of the strings and we may notice out of tune notes much more readily than before.

The actual act of moving, if done properly by experienced, professional Dallas piano movers, will not effect the tuning of most instruments. Some more poorly constructed instruments may have their structure shift enough that it does actually effect tuning, but for the most part, this is not the case.

However, moving it into a different climatic environment such as a more humid environment than it was in previously, can definitely effect tuning. Strings are stretched across a wooden sound board and bridge, both of which are very susceptible to changes in humidity. Humidity swings will cause the wood to either shrink or expand, and in doing so will alter the tuning. This is one of the primary reasons you will want to tune after having it moved. It is however advisable to allow the grand or upright to sit and acclimate to its new environment for several days or even weeks before calling in the tuner.

Don't Put Off Having It Tuned

After your grand is delivered by the piano movers and you have allowed it several days or weeks to acclimate, then it is important not to forget and put off the tuning indefinitely. An instrument that is tuned on a regular basis is much easier to tune and will remain much more stable than one which is allowed to go too long between tunings. Also, it is less expensive to tune if it has been tuned more recently as opposed to one that has gone years without tuning.

It is recommended by both manufacturers and professional tuners that you should tune at least twice per year. We advise that the best time to schedule your tuning is a few weeks after major shifts in humidity occur. Here in the Dallas area, we recommend tuning a few weeks after you start using your air-conditioning full time which is normally sometime in May or June. When cooler Fall temperatures and lower humidity levels arrive, that is the other ideal time to have your tuning done.

Tuning and Learning to Play the Instrument

Another important reason to tune regularly is that it simply SOUNDS BETTER! Not only is it more pleasing to hear an in-tune instrument play, but it is also crucial for younger children learning to play. Young musicians are developing their musical ears, and it is vital that they hear the correct tone and pitch when they play a key. Playing a middle C key, but hearing the pitch of a B key, not only confuses their musical education but slows down their musical development. This is something that will long term effects on their music making capabilities and if the child is playing an extremely out of tune upright, it will discourage them from playing and eventually lead to them losing interest in playing altogether. Why invest all that time and money into lessons only to subject a child to a piano that does nothing but frustrate and discourage them?

Piano Movers in Dallas Know the Importance of Tuning

When it is time to move your piano, choose the experts who understand that keeping your instrument in good condition is a priority to making beautiful music. Professionals who have been moving for many years know how to treat your grand or upright with the care it needs. Start your new life in your new home with the sound of beautiful music. Have your piano tuned and in tune with your new home.

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