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Humidity Control for Pianos (Part 1of 2)

Fluctuations in humidity are the primary contributors for a piano going out of tune. As the piano soundboard expands and contracts with changes in humidity, it has an impact on the strings which are attached to the soundboard and bridges. The wider and more frequent these swings in humidity, the more the tuning is compromised. Piano keys and the wooden action parts of the piano are also effected as they expand and contract with humidity. This will effect the feel and touch of the piano, and over time can lead to damage to these parts. Controlling the frequency and amount of these humidity swings will help keep your pianos tuning more stable and its touch more consistent.

For many years we have recommended the installation of Dampp-Chaser (TM) humidity control systems for pianos. Pianos in churches and schools can always benefit from this type of humidity control as their buildings often experience huge swings in humidity as air-conditioning and heating units are turned on for services and off when the building is not being used. While most homes have more consistent AC/Heat use, there are still swings in humidity which have an impact on the piano.

The ideal time for installing a humidity control system is when your piano is being moved. This is especially true for grand pianos as the system is easier to install when the piano is on its side in order to be moved. When you hire Piano Pros DFW as your piano mover, we will be glad to discuss the process of humidity control system installation and perform the installation during the piano move.

In Part 2 of this article we will discuss which type of system is best for your piano.

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