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Piano Storage Done Right

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

The need to store your piano often comes at a stressful time in your life.

Reasons for Storing Your Piano

You return home to find your house flooded from a broken water line. You now need to have the instrument moved and put in storage until your home is restored.

You are building a new home but have sold your current house. You need to temporarily downsize, and the grand or upright just takes up way too much space. You need a safe place to safely store it during this process.

Your flooring contractors tell you at the last minute that they can not (and should not) move your piano to replace your flooring.

Piano Storage Done Right

Whatever your reason for needing a piano stored, keeping it safe while in storage can be stressful. Your instrument should never be stored in a garage or other non-climate controlled area. Extremes in both temperature and humidity can lead to long term damage to your piano. Here are a few reasons why you should store in climate-controlled storage facilities managed by professionals:

No Temperature or Humidity Fluctuations

PianoProsDFW will store your keyboard instrument in our completely temperature and humidity controlled facility. These instruments are very delicate despite how solid and large they may appear to be. Keeping them in a climate-controlled facility is essential to keep them safe. If the temperature fluctuates too much or the humidity level around the piano is not maintained, the wood can shrink and expand, damaging the exterior as well as damaging the components inside. A balanced environment where there is no exposure to harsh cold or extreme heat is ideal for an instrument to be kept in. Your piano is also blanket wrapped and stored several inches off the floor to provide adequate air circulation around it.

Cost-Effective Piano Storage

Storing an item as large as a piano is no easy task – add on the necessity of maintaining the temperature around it and keeping it safe from other items is yet another challenge. Paying a monthly rate for a safe and trustworthy piano storage facility is therefore a much smarter choice for you and your instrument. By not picking the right environment and space for storing your piano you could expose it to risks including damaging its finish and its interior wooden parts and strings. Repairing or replacing parts can become quite costly for you the owner, which is why paying for professional piano storage is a wiser option as it can save you from damage and costly repairs.

The Right Choice

While you can't have your piano in your home for a while, rest assured it is under our watchful eye and protected in the same manner it would be in your home. When you need your instrument moved and stored in the DFW metroplex, reach out to us at PianoProsDFW. Trust Us - We take the stress out of piano storage.

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