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Broadwood Grand

Updated: May 17

Today we moved a beautiful antique 1870 Broadwood grand piano for a client. This historical vintage 9' grand piano is a true beauty.

Pianos and History

A Piano such as this reminds us of the many piano craftsmen of decades and centuries gone by. Every part of this piano was completely hand-crafted, taking several months to complete. Did the skilled builders of this Broadwood grand piano ever consider that nearly a century and a half later someone would still be playing this piano.....much less that it would be moved in a gasoline powered truck with a power lift-gate?

Pianos and Technology

Today's technology and advanced equipment allows us to better care for these old historic pianos. Modern humidity control protects the wood of the piano from harmful variations of humidity which can cause damage and tuning instability. This is important not only when your piano is in storage, but helps maintain your piano every day it is in your home. Modern piano moving equipment, not only speeds up the moving process but your piano is moved safely, protecting not only the piano, but also the piano movers.

Safely Moving Your Piano

Some things never change. Carefully and correctly moving a piano is just as important today as it was in 1870. Proper piano moving equipment is a must. Your grand piano must be blanket wrapped for added protection of the pianos finish. Adequately sized and designed dollies must be used to carry the weight of the piano as it is moved from your home to the moving truck. Most importantly, the people moving it must have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to make it all happen safely.

Your Pianos History and Future

Whether your piano is a vintage beauty such as this 1870 Broadwood grand, a mid-century spinet piano, or a brand new shiny technologically advanced grand piano; it deserves to be well cared for. Well cared for while in your home, but also well cared for when it is moved or put into a piano storage facility. Trust the Dallas and Ft. Worth piano moving professionals at PianoProsDFW to safely move or store your piano. Future generations who play your piano will thank you.

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