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Moving the Hammond B3

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Hammond B3 Organ

The Hammond B3 organ is legendary for its unique sound. Pop, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Gospel ... all have incorporated that unique Hammond sound. Hammonds have a unique sound because they are uniquely built instruments. The early Hammonds such as the B3, C3, and A100 series of organs produce their sound with a mechanical tone-wheel generator...not just a bunch of circuit boards. While built to last generations, this unique design requires extra precautions be taken during the process of organ moving.

Organ Moving Done Right

Moving a tone-wheel equipped Hammond requires special attention to prevent damage to the generator inside. Special provisions were made in the design of the instrument to secure the tone-wheel generator during the moving process. Not locking down the generator risks breaking a multitude of very fine wires within the organ which can lead to very expensive repairs costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Experience That Counts

Moving an organ or a piano requires not only strength (you can find strong folks anywhere to lift something) but the knowledge and skill to safely get your instrument from one location to another. From securing an instrument and its parts, to using the right equipment, PianoProsDFW will move your piano or organ with the skill you expect from a professional piano mover. Call us when you want it done right.

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