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Stairs. Moving your piano upstairs

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Those Darn Stairs

PianoProsDFW is often called to move an instrument up or down a flight of a stairs. The most complex moves are moves involving stairs. Something this heavy can not be carried up a flight of stairs the way many pieces of furniture are moved. Maneuvering several hundred pounds up a steep incline is no easy task. This type of move is a challenge for even those of us who are the most experienced.

Types of Stairs

When you call PianoProsDFW for moving a piano involving stairs, be prepared for a lot of questions. We will need to know several things about the stairs in question. What type of stair surface are we dealing with? Wood? Carpet? Concrete?

Are your stairs a straight flight of stairs, or are they curved? Is there a landing and change of direction in the stairs?

This is where a picture is often worth a thousand words. Please be prepared to take numerous pictures of the stairs from many vantage points. We would like to see the stairs as you would see them while standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up and also from the top looking down. We would like to see the area at the bottom of the stairs to determine the flooring type as well as how much space we have to maneuver your grand or upright. We also need to see the space at the top of the stairs for the same reasons. If a landing is present, we will want photos of that as well as measurements. Moving a piano upstairs is a challenge, and we need to armed with all the information we can gather to not only give you an accurate quote, but to also bring the proper equipment and crew to keep your instrument safe.

We Will Be Honest

It is easy to want to boast and claim as a company that you can and will do any and all challenges presented to you. Our number one priority at PianoProsDFW is the safety of your piano and the safety of our crew. If we feel a particular stair move is either impossible to actually achieve or beyond what we feel we can safely tackle, we will tell you. Being honest with our customers is always a top priority for us.

When you are considering placing a piano upstairs or are needing one moved downstairs, please give your trusted Dallas Piano Movers a call. We will evaluate the particular move and when we do move your instrument, you will know it is in the hands of professionals.

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