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Yamaha Grand Piano and a UHaul

While the best solution is to have your piano moved from one location to another by a professional piano moving company such as PianoProsDFW, there are times when that might not be practical. Loading and unloading pianos is a service we provide as part of our piano moving services. Today we were called upon by customers moving family heirlooms from the area to several hundred miles away. They had a U-Haul truck rented to move the various items, but knew they needed an expert to move their beautiful Yamaha grand piano. PianoProsDFW loaded their prized family possession into the rental truck and secured it for the long ride ahead. The customer will be utilizing professional piano movers in their hometown to unload and place the piano in its new home. Yes, it's always the better option to have us move the piano and have complete control of it for the entire journey, but when that's just not possible contact us at PianoProsDFW and discuss piano loading and unloading options that are available.

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