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Moving A Piano Across The Room? Why You Should Still Hire Professional Piano Movers.

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

We Need To Move Our Piano To Another Part Of The Room

When you’re moving an upright or grand a short distance, such as just across the room, it’s tempting to think that you can do it on your own. After all, why fork over all that money when you can just as easily move it yourself with a helper or two?


Moving a large instrument like such as this takes considerable work, effort, muscle, and skill. Skill being perhaps the most important factor in piano moving. Mistakes can happen when an inexperienced hand attempts to move such a bulky, heavy item through the house.

And unfortunately, many times, these mistakes cause irreparable damage to your instrument. That’s why there are so many horror stories out there about instruments becoming damaged while being moved.

These are the top reasons most flooring installers in the Dallas area will not even allow their crews to move a grand a few feet within a room in order to remove and install flooring. Experienced flooring installers know that it only takes a split second for a leg to break and a thousand pound instrument to come crashing to the floor, damaging the baby grand, the flooring, and most importantly, themselves.

Below are some other big reasons you should hire professional piano movers — even if you’re just moving it across the room.

Pianos Are Very Heavy

Yes, they are heavy. How heavy? Many weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds. Lifting such a heavy object is back-breaking work, even if you’re only lifting it onto a dolly.

Many times, confident homeowners attempt to lift an instrument and not only damage it but injure themselves.

Next time you need to move your piano, err on the side of caution: let professionals handle the heavy lifting instead.

Reduce Chances of Damage

Professional piano movers know exactly how to move a large instrument. But when homeowners attempt the move, they can often scrape the sides of the walls, ding door frames, nick wall edges, and more. The legs on an upright and grand are the most often damaged part of the instrument when it is moved across a room. The casters (wheels) may not turn properly and cause resistance which snaps the leg. Moving across carpet or a tiled floor with grout lines may also add resistance and cause the leg to break, causing this huge instrument to crash to the floor. The inexperienced handling of a piano can not only damage the instrument, but your floors as well.

Call professional movers instead of leaving a trail of damage in your path. They will navigate the move with ease and grace and will significantly lower the chance of damaging the instrument or floors.

Pianos Are Expensive

In addition to the serious intimate, emotional value that pianos often carry, they are also very expensive. Your upright or grand probably came with a pretty hefty price tag when you first purchased it. With such a costly item, you don’t want to cut corners when you need it moved – even if it is just across the room.

The last thing you want is to damage your instrument so much during the move that it becomes unsafe or unplayable. Broken piano legs are very expensive to repair and will cost many times the cost of hiring professional piano movers to do the job.

Protect your assets by hiring the premier Dallas piano movers; Piano Pros DFW when you are needing your grand or upright moved across the room.

Pianos Are Complicated — That’s Why You Need The Top Dallas Piano Movers - Piano Pros DFW

As much as you love your instrument, you have to admit it’s a little high-maintenance and we are not just talking routine tuning and regulation. These are complicated, intricate instruments composed of many moving parts. They literally have thousands of internal components that drastically affect playability.

Such elaborate instruments require experienced hands. Give your cherished instrument the respect it deserves by hiring movers who specialize in piano moving in the Dallas area. Also remember if you need it moved to storage, we offer professional piano storage. Give PianoProsDFW a call today. It's a decision you will not regret.

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